I'm offering these products below the normal price but these are NOT damaged.  While quantities are limited, I may have several of one item.  It will not allow you to order more than is in stock.


Check back often as this list may change as they are sold (or new products I forgot I had are added!).

Here are some of the reasons they are on this page:

  • Items that my suppliers no longer carry so I only have what is left in stock.
  • Items that have gone up in price too much for me to reorder and sell at what I feel is a reasonable price.
  • Left over items from a special order or project that I do not normally carry.

ALL the gold tie wine bags are now $10.00, discounted from $15.00!  They have stopped manufacturing these bags so I am selling the few I have at a discount.  The even better news is the replacement bottle bags I now carry are less expensive though as good if not better quality and will be offered at $10.00 as well.