About Me

My name is Susan and I have been a lover of creating and crafting since my days as a Bluebird (the first level of the Camp Fire Girls, NOT the Girl Scouts).  My mother was our leader and always made sure we had something to make at every meeting.  She was very inventive and talented in an age before the Internet and Pinterest.  Although I changed jobs and career fields a few times over the 35+ years since college the one constant was the need to make something.  I rarely kept anything so my family and friends would be inundated with the latest origami box, scarf, jewelry or other trinket they never asked for nor needed.

When my last corporate position was outsourced after 14 years in IT, my search for a new position did not look promising.  I filled my extra down time doing what I loved.  I found some new crafts to explore and started with a vinyl cutting machine I bought from a daily deal site.  The learning curve was steep but I was enjoying the failures as well as the successes.  Of course all my family and friends were once again stuck with gifts covered in vinyl on anything I could find.  One thing lead to another and I found new mediums and techniques.  I took the leap at the end of 2016 to incorporate and sell my creations  as everyone I knew was at craft capacity!  I never set out to start my own business or sell what I made, but that is the best thing about life, you never know what will happen next. 

I try to find humor in everything I experience.  Some feel I have a slightly skewed look at the world but I’m hoping there are other out there who “get” it.  Custom creations are particularly fun.  I enjoy learning about a person and using graphics and fonts to make them something uniquely suited for them. 


What is an Asprika?

If you do a search on the internet, you will find it is a weapon used in some games played on the web, defined as “Wings created using all the light in the world.  Its name means Light of the Gods.”  This came as a big surprise to me as I thought I invented the word.  It is the amalgamation of the names of my two Maine Coon cats, Aspen and Paprika.  You may see them in various photos on the site, they are my spokes-model cats!