Wine Gift Bag | Cheers! in Six Languages

  • $10.00

Our version of Global Warming!  Warmly clink glasses with friends of many nations with the Cheers!  Perfect for wine or spirit bottles. 

Gift your favorite beverage and show your language skills with these six different words to use when raising a glass.  Decorated on both sides with the native flags, Cheers is written in French, Danish, German, Italian, Spanish and English.  

  • 100% polyester bag with gold string tie at the neck
  • 14" tall, 6.75" wide with a 3" gusset
  • washable, reusable and regiftable
  • large enough to hold a standard liquor, wine or champagne bottle
  • Part of our Cheers! collection, including coasters, charm bracelet and stemmed glass charms.